Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Alain's General Store on Empire

Regarding recent blog on my parent's house and store

Hi Marty and Norm. Found this picture of Allain's Store in sister Colette's humongous photo collection last year. Don't know what year this was taken but that looks like a '53 Ford station wagon buried in the snow so probably a few years after that. Quite a change from recent photo of 507 Empire on blog which was close to original house, but my dad liked to build & design things so lots of add ons before these were torn down by new owners. House in foreground belonged to Wooleys corner of Queen St & Empire and to the right (not seen in photo ) was Burnett's house before Menary's bought it. I know I was short in those days but the snowbanks are a testament to the fact that there must be some global warming going on. Now how can I convince my kids and grandkids that we had no snowdays and no schoolbusses and that I had to walk (at least) 3 miles to school every day?

Bob A.

Thanks Bob A.

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