Saturday, June 27, 2009

Down under photos

Hi Marty,

After visiting the cooler south we were happy to fly to tropical north Queensland which is surely one of the world's great holiday spots. First stop was Townsville, the largest city in the north. It is dominated by a large hill named Castle Rock. There are some great views from the summit looking towards Magnetic Island - so named by Captain Cook because he reckoned that it had affected his ship's compass. Unfortunately during our visit the beaches were off-limits due to the danger of the box jelly fish and other marine stingers. Travelling north of Townsville there are areas of lush tropical rainforest that extend right down to the beaches. One of my favourite areas is Mission Beach which seems to extend forever and is fringed by many coconut palms. Also in this area there are many banana plantations and we could see the fruit being harvested.


Bob G

Thanks Bob

We really appreciate your efforts to bring us your home country.

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