Monday, June 22, 2009

Early GPK Businesses


Here are the 1927 businesses located in Longueuil and Montreal South. I have also included those of Greenfield Park that were on the blog a few days ago. Also there is a Key to the strange symbols that are marked before each business name.

I have also included a Bruce Field photo of the Credit Union from 1973 that was generously loaned to me by Charlie Clark. In the photo are such people as Messrs. Barber, Samalack, Parizeau, Clark and Stoker. Let's see if the others can be identified.

John R.

Thanks John

Hi Marston,

The person in the back row left is Bob Thorpe. He played many leading roles in the Arcadians in the 1960s and early 1970s. The Arcadians last show at Chambly County High School was "Naughty Marietta" by Victor Herbert in Spring 1965; they then moved into the city and played at Westmount High, Westhill High and D.B. Clark Theatre at Sir George/Concordia downtown. Bob and his wife Kathy, I believe, were from Montreal South area, but they did live many years on Anyon in GPk before moving to Toronto area. Daisy Grenier who lived on Devey sewed costumes with Kathy, who also had chorus parts and a secondary lead in the "Hello, Dolly!" production of 1972. Bob Thorpe passed away a few years ago, but I saw his wife Kathy in March 2008 at Hudson Music Club's production of "Anything Goes".

Linda Alex-LaR.

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