Monday, June 01, 2009


Hello Marston,

Around 1970-71, Tom and I were working for CNR around St. Hilaire, Otterburn Park. We would travel together, both of us living on (Devonshire Road) Victoria. One day Tom mentioned that he had a fencing job to do for a neighbour, old Ned over 80 at the time, who lived in the bush not far from Devonshire.

This was race horse Annie's husband. Continuing along now, the C.N. job that we were on was crossarm and line removal. The foreman said we could have all the old crossarms which were pressure treated 3"x4"x10" long, just perfect for Tom's fence contract. One Friday afternoon we loaded 50 crossarms into my pickup and dropped them off at Ned's.

Tom said that he would start the job tomorrow. Next morning about 6:00am Tom headed over to Ned's down this muddy trail in the bush. It had rained that same night. While walking around one big puddle, he saw this mound at the water's edge and he heard moaning and some groaning. At first Tom didn't or couldn't tell who or what it was.

Then he realized it was Race Horse Annie. She had on a fur coat which was sodden from her wallowing in the big puddle. He tried picking her up but couldn't, so he rolled her to shore. Annie must have won at Blue Bonnet's because Tom said there were bills floating on the water and dropping out of her coat pockets.

Tom went and got Ned to help him bring her into the house about 100 feet away. When Ned first saw her all drenched and bedraggled, he said to Tom "A long time ago, I should have traded her for a dog, then shot the dog."
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