Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fond Memories

Hi Marty,

Seeing Barfoot's old house on Greenfield brought back great memories. Brenda and I were and still are great friends.We used to phone each other when we were leaving the house to meet each other half way. I lived two doors down from Cater's store.

I remember Mrs. Cater would empty the cold water from her ice box and chase the guys hanging around at closing time by throwing it at them.I believe it was the Jackie Ball gang. They were older than me but I remember that going on.

I also remember Allain's store. The girls were beautiful singers. I think their Mom was also. They were real nice people. I went to St.Edmond's school with them.

I sent this before but I don't think you got it.

Take Care Ellen McCourt Stone

Thanks Ellen

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