Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From Days gone by

Hi Marty , just to add my guesses to the Denora class picture-- the fellow next to Rodney Holcroft on the top row is,I think , is Barry Dewick ,The girl next to Denora is Millie Henry, The Korvemaker girl is Johanna,and the fellow next to Spirk/Kinsey is Bill Hinks.

On another note ,my generation is getting to the stage where the obits ,such as those that have appeared in your columns recently, will inevitably become more frequent. And while it is customary to grieve the passing and extend condolences to the families of the departed,I also feel that it is important to remember the pleasant times when our lives intersected and so here are my reminiscences of

(1) Judy Holgate--Heather Gibb and Bob Hawkins obviously have deeper memories I only knew Judy as the little girl who was the much younger sister of Doreen ,an honourary member of our Third Street Gang, and was constantly watching as we played "Kick the Can"

(2) George "Chauncey" Wade, not the one who appears in your most recent class pictures but the one who lived right next to the United Church with an apple tree in their front yard right near the road which, as their house was at the back of the lot made the fruit easy pickings when the apples ripened.

Chauncey's Dad was "Pop" Wade a short brit who was an avid soccer fan and coach of our Davidge Engineers soccer team. For some reason or other Pop encouraged Chauncey to be very good at soccer but refused to allow him to join the GFPK Cub Pack which met every Mon/Tues night at the United Church right next to the Wade house .

Finally Pop relented and told George he could join up. As it happened, the day that Chauncey was to sign up it had been raining quite heavily with the resultant puddles in the holes in the church driveway.

Chauncey ran out of his house, around the fencepost at the corner of their property and down the church driveway where he ran into Bobby Morley fell down into one of the puddles and got soaking wet. He returned to his house to get changed and His Dad said that's it and Chauncey never did become a member of the Cub Pack.


Thanks John

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