Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Grandfather's Home

When I renewed my old friendship with Winston Swinwood in Port Huron a couple of years ago, he mentioned remembering my Grandfather's old place in St-Lambert.

It took me some time but here is my 2 cents worth of comments about Macaulay street in St-Lambert and Linda Alex-LaR's post in February, which I found interesting. I took a couple of pics of the old place last week.

As far back as I can remember, Sunday diner was alway's at my Grandad's place on Riverside corner, Macaulay. In those days the old house occupied the whole lot on the corner. It looked better then, painted white shingles and a shingle roof. The seaway was not there and I remember seeing people on the river cutting ice blocks in the winter. Gramps place always had a flooded basement in the spring. One of my uncle's 'Yvon' from my mother's side used to come down there at night after work in the summer and we would paddle up the Laprarie Basin in his cedar canoe. "Tweety bird" he called it. I also used to go down to the swimming hole at the foot of Lorne avenue all the time. And of course the old South Shore swimming club under the Jacques Cartier bridge. It was the only place that had a high diving tower. When you came up for air you were always about 30ft downstream from where you started.

Linda mentioned Rick Santo. I hung around with him in my early teens. I remember his sister Linda also. I saw Rick again for the first time in about 50 years at the reunion in GFP, 2 years ago.
Two other friends lived on Macaulay, David and Norman King. They used to be in Scouts at St-Barnabus and we went to the same schools. St-lambert Elementary and CCHS. There was another guy that lived at the top end of Macaulay that I can think of, just below the tracks , but his name dosen''t come to mind.

When Gramps lived on Riverside we were living in Ville Lemoyne. Used Gramps address to get me and my brother into St-Lambert school's and other activities.

When talk of the Seaway started Grampa Rhoades sold that house and bought another on Hickson in St-Lambert.

Some time later the submarine races commenced. LOL


Thanks Ivan

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