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Hat to the Park Virtual trip

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Report # 24 962 kms Location: South of OLD WIVES Lake, Saskatchewan

The roads are as straight and empty as a poker player`s face. The whole place was sculptured after all this was covered by glaciers and ice. When the ice melted a huge sea was formed. Everything is gone now except the evidence. Ruts, gullies, ravines, river benches or shore lines still show where the water receeded carving valleys and leaving sediment layers on the cliff sides everywhere. The sea extended from just east of Calgary and went all the way to east of Winnipeg.When you look at a map of Canada, it`s easy to imagine Hudson Bay extending cear down to these parts.
Saskatchewan is prospering now because of the vast deposits of silt and salt called potash. They lie way below the present surface I`m driving on. Still the land slopes down to the center of the sea to its lowest point close to Regina and then starts to rise again all the way to the Rock shield just before you enter Ontario.. SO while we say the prairies are flat, they are not really. .
Every one has seen what a flood leaves behind, well this is exactly the same except for the scale. The high and low spots are called moraines. In some places the glacier till left behind is over 300 feet thick so the uneven terraine is marked with small and large puddles. This area is also called the duck factory as millions of birds fly through here nesting and breeding. In the fall the air is filled with clouds of honkers as thick as mosquitoes at an out door Bar-B-Q. .

When the first settlers came, they tended to bunch together according to their enthnicticity. Places have names like Limerick, Shamrock, Lafleche, Val Marie, Dummer, Scotguard, for instance revealed the origin of the town`s first station agent.
The both world wars scrapped all that. They may have left the farms as distinct but when they came back they were all Canadian and all had the same burning ambition.
The song they were singing was `How you gonna keep them down on the farm, after they`ve seen Paris` Get off the farm, get a trade or education raise your kids in the city and thats what most of them did. The homes, the schools, the railways, grain elevators and finaly the post offices in all these places got boarded up as fast the young people disapeared over the hill.
Places here like Courval population, 5. Corderre 40, Mazenod, 26, speak volumes but in whispers. Now adays the prairie grass is likely Canola, wheat or flax and the buffalo has now metamorphed into the range cattle

Before I head back to civilization again, which down here would be Swift Current, I`m going to pass along Old wives Lake, and Chaplin Lake,Canada`s salt water lakes where they have a booming comercial brine ( Salt water) shrimp industry. Bet you didn`t know that, eh...


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