Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Hot dang !!

Its actually warm over here and the sun is shinning. May get summer yet Report # 25 1027 Kms

Glad I came over because I wouldn't have known this was a training base back in the 40's. There is a big rock cairne with a metal plate, some broken up runway, hanger pads,lots of weeds, and a gunnery back stop and thats all that's left of what must have been an exciting place in those days.

By the time it closed in December, 1944, it had graduated 2,539 air bombers and 3,702 air gunners who went on to Britain to help settle the odds.

On Dec 10, 2004 the Snowbirds were practicing out here and two of their CT-114 tudor jets collidied. One pilot, Capt Miles Selby was killed while the other, Capt Chuck Mallett was thrown as the plane crashed and he survived..

Not much happening in town. There are a few buildings at the antique stage of life especially a black smith shop. Every town had a black smith to shoe horses,repair the plows, make parts for wagons and carts and anything else that needed metal to keep it working. Frank Ambros, a Polish immigrant who arrived here in 1928, purchased an existing shop and ran it for 60 years.The old blue truck looked like it could have used a bit of his touching up

He also planted some apple trees.

The shop is kept in working order to this day and the apple trees, why they still produce apples. Ol' Frank would be proud to know that every year they have a Mossbank Apple Pie Day made from apples from those very trees. They are just finished blossoming so no need for me to hang around belly gawking, there won't be any pies until September no matter how I plead.

Good thing he didn't settle for raising horses, they don't taste near as good as apples..

Will try again tomorrow for Lake Chaplin, Canada.s saltiest Lake

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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