Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Heave Ho, Me Harties Report 26 1026 km

Briney Ocean off the Starboard bow!!! . It's an anomaly Spock, Prepare the shuttle craft to beam us down....

No mistaking the smell of salt water, but here in the middle of the Prairies? Just like the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake, water flows in but the only way for it to get out is through evaporation. That of course leaves everything but water behind. Its easy to mistake the white for snow except when you taste it. Salt, .. Not pure enough for the table but for commercial processing, cattle feed detergents,glass powder, pulp and paper, textiles, deodorizers,and all the other things that use salt, this is definately the right place. Good old NA2S04 !!.Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate by the car load, train load and boat loads. The shore line is white with it and the water brakish an smelly. I don't see anyone trying but you would probably float like a cork if you jumped in.

Birds of all kinds are either one water or in the air. This is one of the biggest, feeding and breeding areas for North America's 30 Species of migratory birds Some 67,000 birds a day was officially established The gourmet menu includes shore flies, shrimp larval, seeds, mosquitoes, and there are few predators for them to worry about. In a pattern repeated over thousands of years,the birds come up for the month of May and after they have dined and fattened they move on to have their young scattering all over the provinces and territories. Then come September and October, they and their families reverse the journey, filling the sky with noise and commotion long after the sun has set. Some of them have been logged at travelling more than 70mph over 3100 miles ( 5000 km) so between stops they have to fuel up and restup. Bus loads of tourists follow them taking photos of the mass migrations.

I have to mention again that they harvest Salt Water Shrimp here, This unique species thrive where no other species has dared to go.

The town bearing the same name ( Chaplin) is right alongside the Transcanada highway and has an interpretive center. . Its worth while stopping in to see and have a break from the other wise monotenous stretch or road between Swift Current and Regina. You won't get lost, there are 8 streets running east west and four avenues north south. As of the 2001 census the population was 292. I doubt much has changed since.

I guess if I want to stay off the transcanada to go north from here, I will have to back track to Swift Current where the # 4 intercepts.

See you there tomorrow

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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