Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Hi Marston

Sure nice to have summer weather, makes one feel almost normal..

Report # 27 1066 kms

I remember now why I left the transcanada highway back at Maple Creek.. Its fast, straight and comfortable, but it's brain destroying dull and boring when you are doing 30 kms per hour or less.

Every once and while a town breaks the monotony but try as they may, the towns attract few people away from their self induced hypnotic trance and dance they are caught up in at 120 plus kms per hour going east and west. For example, Morse has 236 and Herbert 812 people who are totaly invisable to the folks out here in their vehicles in spite of the restaurants, high school skate and curling rinks, co-op, butcher shop,pharmacy, swimming pool, seniors home, library and post office.

The locals go merrily on their way enjoying life in spite of the rest of us. Where else would you see Rattle snake warnings or a Red Paper Clip made out of PVC piping to honour the one made famous by Kyle Macdonald who bartered it up to eventually end up with a house in Kipling Saskatchewan, Feb 2006. And there is no crime, graffiti, gangs or muggings.. Every body is either related or they wouldn't dare, couldn't care or are so commonly known, they would never get away with it..

Hebert's name came from Sir Michael Henry Herbert, British diplomat The train station is now a tourist information and museum center but you have stop, get off the highway if you really want to see it or what every else the prairies are all about. At least that is what I have discovered in the 9 out of 10 Canadian Provinces I have visited so far. So, I'm heading north as soon as we visit Swift Current


Doug G

Thanks Doug

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