Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Morning troops

Report # 30 1271 kms

While heading north on highway 4 you become aware there is very little traffic. The only sounds are the sounds of bees and insects and the frequent birds. The only smells are sweet grasses baking in the sun.

The constant view of the road is continually interupted by evaporating moisture off the road which causes shimmering lakes to suddenly appear on the horizon. Quietly you realize that you and your innerself have been carrying on a running conversation just as if you were talking to another person out loud.

As long as I don't reach the point where I begin to introduce " my invisible friend" to people I meet, I should still be able to pass for normal.

There are settlements and signs of settlements everywhere. It was only a hundred years or less when all this area was bustling with energy and hope.THe valleys and hollows retained the moisture and thats where trees took a hold and flourished.

You can easily drive off the road and go into a gully filled with so much bush, berries, and wild life, that you can quickly forget the open vastness that fills you with a constant loneliness even when you are with other people.

The village of Lancer has a population of 75 founded by Minnie Bell and Earl Kramer. Whether the name came from Earl's brother, Lancer who was the first child buried here or from the Crimean War veterans called Lancers. (1854-1856) No one is really sure but the streets here are named Flag,Hussar, Sabre, Plume and Balaclava.

The Lancer Museum houses artifacts and a big metal sort of tree sits outside commemorating the Chockcherry Festival which is held once a year..There is a Lancer Ferry but thats about 20 km north at the South Saskatchewan River. (The same one that runs through Medicine Hat)

On the other side of the highway is a" water tower", a relic from the old steam engine era where a water was as important as fuel to keep the trains running

At night the sun set fills the entire big sky with colours only dreamed of in big cities and its all free.

I'm going to take a moment to visit Elrose a thriving community and as a contrast the ghost town of Forgan.

Se you later

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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