Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip


Report # 32 1327 Kms

Just 25 kilometres down the road from Elrose is Forgan, but the contrast is so stark it might be as well be 1000.

What makes one settlement flourish and the other fail? Perhaps the faded photo of a young girl proped up in the window of an abandoned house has the answer. Looking far to young to understand them, emotions of despair, loss of dreams, forfieture of future, hopelessness, all reflect in her face and eyes as clearly now as when it was left there when the last person turned out the lights and left forever in 1968.

Forgan is yet another reminder of the fickle and precarious forces early and later pioneers fought on their way to either marginal success or utter disaster. Railways, markets, droughts, wars, personal ambitions or the lack of them, decisions made in far a way Ottawa by otherwise distracted politicians, all played major roles in the personal lives of so many as it does today. Few found any fame or fortune but all claimed and clung to the freedom they found as a justifiable reason for staying. When that was gone, they went too

What all ghosts towns have in common is the overwhelming feeling you cannot help but sense, of personal loss from a failed society. Whether on a small scale like this or on the scale of Mogadishu it is the same. At least in this country, there were other settlements, towns and cities where they could go to start over. After many tries, the majority did succeed if only through their children. Rosetown, Bigger and Saskatoon are all coming up and are all examples of a tough and determined people.

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