Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have arrived

Hi Folks,

By now you are all aware that I have teamed up with Lord Marston of Blog to provide postings and, on occasion, a different perspective on my many personalities. My intent is to keep the postings rated GP so that kids from 4 to 104 may read with and enjoy our town blog. As you will see in the coming days I have solicited photographs from my cousin, Dr. Amber Smith and her life partner Dr. Bill Liang, of their trips this past year. Bill takes incredible candid shots of their travels some of which are good enough to frame in my humble opinion.

I look forward every morning to reading the blog and will try to maintain the integrity of the work that Lord Marston of Blog has accomplished.

Bob Hawkins
PS. My cousin Amber is a clinical phsycologist. She feels my multiple personalities of Father Bob, Buddha Bob or Biker Bob, whom you have yet to meet, are just a phase that I am going through.

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