Friday, June 26, 2009

Open Letter to our Blog Visitors

Lord Marston of Blog has be-sought me to consider co authoring or assisting in the posting of our village blog. Now we all know how devoted to our little village Lord Marston of Blog has been and therefore I am considering this great honour to be of assistance. There are however points to ponder such as; my inability to focus, a lack of proper etiquette and most of all the strange thoughts that appear in my mind.

It is imperative that someone provide relief to the seven day per week, 365 day per year efforts that Lord Marston of Blog has provided to the villagers. If I am to accept this position it is incumbent upon you the Parkers of Blog to not lead me down the path of foolishness, I can go there myself and must show some restraint.

Prior to offering my acceptance I ask that you, the villagers, confirm my nomination as assistant to Lord Marty of Blog and that once confirmed I shall be known as Ass. Robert of Blog


Bob Hawkins

OMG what have I done???

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