Monday, June 01, 2009

The Orange MGA

Hello Marston,
Pumpkin Ride

A few weeks ago posted on the blog, that MGA car was the same one that was involved in one of your hunting weekends at Brain Weir's. Do you remember that little hunch runt who lived on King Edward with the Bee Man, he tried driving the car upside down and burnt the engine. There was supposed to be a little V8 installed to replace the burnt engine but at the time there weren't any liberated engines available. In the shuffle of things I ended up with the little orange pumpkin coloured car sans engine.

Ray Burnett had an old Austin Cambridge for $50 and he said the engine from it would bolt right in. He was right. Stevie and I put it in - we were off to the races. The car wasn't fast in acceleration, but could corner really well going around those circles on the south side of Victoria Bridge. People would always race to get on the bridge first, lurching and squealing hanging on with white knuckles and eyes as big as saucers and this MGA could pass them all on the outside of the circles with ease.

The car was only kept a couple of months as you couldn't tote much in it. One thing that I will tell in another story while driving that MGA was a meteor landing on Devonshire
Road.Richard W......

Hi Richard,
I remember that roll over with Jean Guy Chartier. We were five in that car. He stopped to pick up 3 girls that were hitch hiking and Jean Guy had to show off his driving skills and rolled the car over. We are lucky to still be alive. The rear bumper hooked a fence post and kept the car from crushing us. Oh those were the days LOL

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