Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pics from down under...

Hi Marty,

On the coast south of Melbourne is a spot that is very popular with most tourists as well as locals. Phillip Island is the home of a large colony of the fairy penguins that only inhabit the southern coast and islands of Australia. It is also the nesting place of many sea birds as well as a habitat for a large number of koalas - everyone's favourite animal. At times this island can be very bleak and wind-swept due to its south latitude on the edge of the roaring forties. When I was there in November there were thousands of sea gulls nesting with their chicks. The fairy penguins spend each day in the open ocean fishing and have been sighted 20 km or more from the coast. They can only be viewed at dusk each day of the year when they return to their nests to feed the chicks.


Bob G

Thanks Bob

Very Kind of you to send such beautiful photographs from Australia

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