Thursday, June 18, 2009

RGHS Photo

Hi Marty,

Re. today's blog, I'm the dummy on the right hand side that looks like he hasn't washed, changed his clothes etc., in a month. I'm sure if my dear old mum ever saw this she would roll over in her grave. I must have gotten out of the house that school day without her seeing me.

I've changed, trust me, I've changed.

Best Regards,

Stan. S.

Thanks Stan

Hi Marston,

It looks like it is the Grade 7 class of 1955-56 or earlier. I will make a few stabs at guessing.

Back Row: ?, George Wade (?), Red Drummond (?), Philip Levington (?), ?, David Harding (?)

3rd Row: Teacher John DeNora and Stan Sheppard (?) at other end of row.

2nd Row: Rodney Farber, Bev McElheron (Fry), ?, ?, Noreen Barfoot (Toner), June Brown (Main), Barbara Ridewood.

Front Row: Tommy Harris, ?, Clifford Walker, ?, ?, Allan Kinsey (?) with glasses, ?

Who did Normand S. get the picture from (or I should say, "From whom?).

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

Hi Marty,

To Linda's list U can add

Back Row.... Rod Holcroft not Red Drummond, and 2 at the end are Win Swinwood and Dave Jeary?

3rd row Denora the X, then Flo Parish, Brenda Hollingdrake, Joan Fudgell, Kovermaker, Doreen Jeary, and

Georgia Holland ..I think

2nd row Blonde 2nd from end is Barbara Ridewood

Front Row: Beside Tom Harris is Steve Messner,, then Cliff the Goerge Hollingdrake and David Fowler.

Someone must know the rest...


Thanks Ralph

Hi Marston:

How are you doing?? All is well here, hopefully the weather will improve so we can enjoy summer.

I have the picture that was on the blog a couple of days ago, on the back my mother had writer Noreen’s class – June 1955 some of the names I remember are –

? George Wade – Rodney Holcroft - ? –Winston – David Jerry

Mr Denora – ? – Florence Parrish – Brenda Hollingdrake – Joan Fudgel – Jo-Ann Miller - Barbara N. – Doreen Jerry – Carol – Stan Sheppard

Rodney Farber – Bev.McElheron – Darleen Rivers - ? – Noreen – June Brown – Barbara Ridewood - ?

Tommy – Steve Messner – Cliff Walker – George Hollingdrake – David Fowler – Henry Spirk - ?

May have a couple of them wrong – Re Stan’s comments – we did not have very much back then – but we all turned out pretty darn good………….

Take Care


Thanks Noreen

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