Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RGHS We have some names

Hi Marston,

I believe this is the Grade 8 class of 1956-7, who had a closed-off room in the basement. We had our Girl Guide meetings in the open area of the basement in those days. Here are my guesses, but I bet Noreen Barfoot-Toner will know them all.

Back Row: David Faller, Cliff Walker*, George Hollingdrake, Ralph Hewitt, Steve Messner*, Donnie Bremner, George Wade, ?

Middle Row: Standing Girl?, Teacher Bruce Benton, George Pendlebury*, Rodney Farber*, Harold Rye, ?, ? maybe a Shearer, Gus Richardson, George Graham, Bob Godefroy*, ?standing girl, Principal Ulric Russell

Front Row: Noreen Barfoot, ?, Judy Gardner*, Andrea Drummond, Bev McElheron, Lynn ?, ? Fitzmaurice, Sharon Webb, Barb Ridewood*.

* These seven made it through to become the 1st graduating class in June 1960 (Total of 32 in yearbook).

Ralph Hewitt & Harold Rye joined our class of 1961 (Total of 39 in yearbook). Others must have dropped out, moved, changed schools.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

Hi Marty,

Regarding the grade 8 photo ..... the girl next to Mr Benton is Florence Parish and the girl next to Sharon Webb is Sandra Fitzmaurice.


Bob G

Thanks Bob

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