Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Station No 1 T-Shirts

Mr. North


Hi, we’ve had a few warm days so we’re all thinking summer is finally here. Summer equals T-shirts and unless you want to pay for having the pleasure of advertising NIKE or some other brand name, T-shirts also means Station No 1.

Instead of mass printed t-shirts, we offer you a way of expressing yourself with a personalised t-shirt. We can reproduce in full color almost any drawing you send us or any photo.  We can even add a legend, like we did on Normand’s t-shirt (the train on Churchill in 1951).


If you need 100 or 1,000 we can do that, but our specialty is still printing small quantities. If you want 1, 3 or 7 that what you’ll get. Nothing is pre-printed. We either use one of the images on our web site as is, or modify it to your taste or use what you send us. You end up with a t-shirt that really represents your personality or that of the person you’re giving it to.


One might say, “Marty is the best blog manager I know” or “I hate broccoli and AndrĂ©, they both make me sick”, or “I never wear t-shirts printed on a t-shirt. Anything. Let your imagination run wild.

Two points to consider. Keeping the jobs and the money in Canada and finally being able to get just one t-shirt printed.


I thank you for your patience and if you’re lucky you wont hear from me for a while … maybe.


AndrĂ© Lambert     

www.stationno1.com                  andre.lambert@stationno1.com

Thanks Andre 

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