Monday, June 01, 2009


Hello Marston,

While I had that MGA to joy boy with, it was necessary to have something to take my Grandmother's stuff to sell at her stall in the Atwater Market every week. Doug Boffey found a 1960 Pontiac station wagon which was perfect. One evening Stevie and what's his name (and I won't say who) had some moving to do, so they borrowed the wagon.

It was around 11:30 pm and after having dropped off Margaret I went to Granny's - Stevie and what's his name were already there. I pulled in and parked. They said they were hungry, but not thirsty and let's go to Harvey's (LaPiniere and Tachereau).

I agreed and said, you guys go and I'll catch up 'cause I needed to tinkle. Less than a minute later I was headed southwards to Harvery's. It was just past the stop sign at Churchill, between Coote's and Comber's, I saw this big shower of trailing sparks in front of me.

I continued along to where the event had taken place and off to the edge of the road was a coke machine all sort of battered. When I got to the Gut Burger place, Stevie and the other guy were grinning from ear to ear as they handed me a couple of cokes, one for each hand.

They say they had jettisoned unwanted cargo on the go at about 50 mph. out the back hatch - what you'd call driving and Stevie shoving. It was a false alarm, no need to notify the authorities about an invasion on Devonshire Road.Richard W........

Thanks Richard

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