Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Appreciation for Doug G.'s Efforts

Just a word of appreciation to Doug for his endeavours.

I should have written sooner to say that a couple of weeks ago Mary and I

birded along the shores of Old Wives Lake Saskatchewan

after reading his segment about that area.

We did about a hundred KM circuit south and west from Moose Jaw on 363 and 58 back up to Trans Canada #1 at Chaplin where we toured their well known birding centre as well. We had happened upon a seminar at the Burrowing-owl centre the previous day in Moose Jaw and took some pics.

We had stayed over night so Mary could dip in the Spa's hot springs pool. It was Doug's article that got us to rework our itinerary to include those wonderful back roads.

We added species to our life lists too including the starteling Avocet.

Bravo, Doug

Thanks Ed B.

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