Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Wish for Betty

I would also like to wish Betty a happy 100th. When I had my own taxi in Greenfield Park. I use to go often to the races and would call Betty to see if she wanted a ride and most often she would say yes and to pick her up at the golf course. She had part ownership of horses with Carson Turcotte if I remember right. She ust to stop and see a good friend of mine who was driving there at the time, and get him to select what he thought was the best horse in the race. His name was Percy Robillard. If anyone sees Betty you can tell her he is still going strong at 87 years old and in a home in Tavistock. We made a trip about 10 years ago to see Betty while she was in Cambridge Ontario visiting with Carson's wife. She was in great health then and still living on Argyle Street in St Lambert. She is a great women

David Wright (Horseman)

Still Galloping Along

Thanks David

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