Sunday, July 26, 2009

Even Hollywood couldn't make this up

The Bride and Groom in the middle
3 time World Cahmpion Aerobic Dance

Alfredo 63 Argentinian
Erica 42 Hungarian

Alberto 45 Nicarauguan
Lucy 24 Russian

Pat and I with Alfredo and Erica

It could only happen in my life.

Here we see my friend Alfredo and his partner Erica with Alfredo's son and daughter-in-law after their wedding. At the time Alfredo was 63 and Erica was 42. They owned a home together and were also in business together.

Then we have Alberto 45 a Nicarauguan living in Toronto and Lucy a Russian living in Toronto. Lucy's parents did not want her dating Alberto and had no idea she was in Argentina at a wedding. Alberto and Lucy are proffesional dancers and performed the Salsa at the wedding.

Erica and I were doing the web site for their business in Toronto at a firm in Buenos Aires.

At the end of our trip Erica, Pat and I headed home to Toronto while Alfredo remained in Buenos Aires for one more week. All went really well....... when Alfredo (63) came home he informed me that he had fallen in love (again) while in Argentina..... with a 24 year old University student and.... when she finished University he was going to bring her to Canada... Oh Yeah.... and Erica was pregnant....... but not by him.... he and Erica sold the house but still worked together

Two years ago Alfredo (now 65) married his now 26 year old student.... the father of Erica's daughter insisted on a blood test to prove she was his child... Erica and the father now live together.... Alfredo and Erica still run the business together and Alfredo's student wife takes care of Erica's baby during the day.....

Eat your heart out 'Days of our Lives"

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