Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Get Togethers


I built a dory drifter row boat last fall in the garage and finally got to float in it this last week end. We had a family reunion so I had lots of help and advice.

Thought I would share the pictures and a few thoughts.

Boating is not what it used to be.. All I wanted to do was build a small boat that me and the miss's could go drift down the South Saskatchewan River in to catch a few fish so as to make my Newfie ancestors right proud. Instead I discovered in Canada you now have to write a test and get certified even if you don't use a motor.

The test is for all kinds of boating so I had to know every thing from what buoys to watch for when coming up stream into the harbour, to what flags meant what, to how to handle going through the great Lakes locks to who has the right of way when approaching head on?

Got a right mind to row right across Canada, up those locks and into Bonivista Harbour just for spite. Top speed I can get out of the Lakoda trawling motor is about 4 knots..Rowing of course is a little slower. That ought'a get the St Lawrence Sea way traffic sufficiently snarled don't cha think?

Worst thing that could happen would be some one might spot all the high tech talent floating around in that one little dory ( I got 90% correct ) and offer me a job as a pilot on a tanker. Whoa and they think they got troubles now worrying about terrorists on the loose. They ain't seen nothing.. I'm not just another pretty face..

Catch you later matey


Thanks Doug

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