Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gone Drinking

Now folks I know you all will miss me the next few days so I posted a few silly things from tomorrow until my return Wednesday morning. Pat and I, along with my business partner Tom Brown and his wife Barb, are off to visit the Dukes of Nutley NJ. Nutley is the home town of America's favorite jailbird... Martha Stewart.

The Dukes are Pat's cousins and every year we have a reunion where Pat and I get the Royal Suite. I enjoy this weekend since it is all the Amercan cousins and me the Canadian agitator. They know nothing about Canada other than West Shefford Quebec... politics Hah.... oh yeah they know the Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs.... their best arguement "Its not Leafs, Its leaves" Duh ... "excuse me people its a registered trade mark"..... "something like World Series... where you don't play the world".... "you play with yourselves"

Actually it is all in fun... they take down the American flag and put up the Canadian flag for the weekend.... they sing O'Canada and all kinds of sillyness occurs...

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