Monday, July 06, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Report # 34 on highway # 4 South of Biggar, East of Saskatoon and 1420 Kms from sanity

It's Canada Day weekend and you can't help but think of the people who first started this whole country as you go through any part of three prairie provinces.

. If I had been traveling here exactly a 100 years ago there wouldn't be a road at all and I would have had to come up the Saskatchewan River most likely on a barge filled with every description of supplies and people, all which would be scattered in every direction like smoke in the wind.. .

I wonder how many times they questioned themselves about the insane lack of good fortune that had brought them here. The only consolation was that the conditions where they came from were worse.

There was no turning back. When the young men and horses were needed to earn money hauling lumber and grain, young women harnessed themselves to the plow so they and old the men could cut the virgin soil.

It was work or die and even work was not a guarantee you would survive.Those that could afford them brought in steam engines to sort and stack the hay but the curse of it was they were broken down 2 days for every day they worked. A family pauses to survey their hard won battle after erecting a barn and house before the harsh winter sets in.

The little town of Perdue ( why does that remind me of " Lost" ? ) goes by slowly. They had their own battles. After constructing the town, the railway company came through and decided to build the town on the opposite side of the tracks from where every one and business was already established .

Agents strung a fence along the rail line and no more construction was permitted on the south side. It became known as the North/ South war. It was resolved when a group of locals in the tavern late at night decided that they had had enough. They crept over to the fence with cutters and cut up the fence in too many pieces to repair.

Traffic an development returned to normal and the town developed on the south side after all. They are a friendly group today and welcome any one in for a " cuppa" in the local pub or restaurant.

Have a great week end and somewhere in all your celebrating, take time to remember what what went into making this a great place we have called Canada.

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Doug G

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