Friday, July 24, 2009

Ms. Bessie

I received the following response from Noreen T. with regard to my inquirey whether Ms. Bessie enjoyed the ponies.....

Hi Bob:

You are right – Bessie loved being at Blue Bonnets …

I remember going there with her, she was off in all directions

getting her tips from this one and that one… At one time her

and her husband were co-owners of a horse – I will have to

ask her about that.. I have taken her over to the Hippo Club

over on Taschereau, but it is not quite as exciting.

She has often told us about working at Frank de Rice in

Montreal as Ken Hughes said – I will call her and tell her

That he has sent his congratulations…



Hi Noreen,

At first when I saw your posting I didn't put 2 and 2 together... takes a little time nowadays. Dave Snyder and I used to drop in on Bessy some 50 plus years ago I was only 14 then and Dave would ask her if she had any good tips and she would always give him a heads up on a certain horse and then she would call in the bet for him... he always seemed to win. I think that was his only real vice... of course its all Bessy's fault.

I really enjoyed our short visits to her "office" ... I always got something to eat and always felt special... wish her the best for me and for Dave who always loved to talk to her.

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