Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Dog Story - The Greeter

I enjoyed Barry and Loiuse story of the dog that would drop in once a day for a nap to catch up on lost sleep. A few years ago Pat and I went to Argentina for a Work/Wedding?Vacation. After the wedding we took a few days and travelled to Villa Gesell, a small vacation town on the Atlantic. Our first evening as we left for supper we were greeted by the "Wolf" like beast you see in the photo's he would lean against us, all dusty and with matted hair, to be petted.

This was a nightly adventure. When we enquired about his status we were told that he was not a stray but rather the pet of a well establish local businessman. The dog just liked to do his rounds and visit various town folk. The motel owner told us to watch what he does after he greets us.

The next night after our regular routine of taking turns scratching his back we watched as he wandered across the street, walked up the stairs of an upscale home and started to bark. The owner, an elderly lady opened the front door, the dog walked in and down the hall. The next morning we asked if the dog lived there and were told "Oh no! He goes there for his evening snack" the lady of the house would feed him every evening around nine.

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