Monday, July 06, 2009

Old Home Renovations

Hey Normand

Merci Milles fois, pour les portrais. That's a major renovation. I wonder who lives there now? With a dumpster that big out side, they must be gutting the inside as well. The white pillars in the front have disappeared, those were it's most distinguishing features. I guess the front porch will make it much more heat retaining.

Yes, there are lots of nails, . Part of my job description was to take the nails that had been bent, lay them on the concrete and hammer them straight again. Until I left home, I thought ever one had black and blue finger nails on their left hand.. My Dad was from the generation that " Used it up, wore it out and made it do" . If you dropped one, you stopped hammering until you found it. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I'm just glad we didn't live near the

" Magnetic Hill" in New Brunswick.

Also thanks for the virtual trip feed back. I think we get over whelmed and titillated by the colourful American west history and over look the incredible accomplishment of a relatively smooth integration by Europeans into the Canadian west. It took years of trust, respect and cooperation from the natives and explorers, fur traders and Metis to bring that about.. I'm learning so much and only too happy to pass what I learn along. Glad others are enjoying it as much as I am

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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