Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Villa Gesell Argentina

My favorite watering hole

Beach bar in Villa Gesell

Street Party in town every night

My favorite watering hole was discovered by mistake. Our first night in town we ate at the restaurant next door (raised patio at right). Supper and drinks.... 280.00 US food was very good. the next day while the others were sunning on the beach I walked up to this little restaurant, sat down and order a beer. Ran a tab.... the others showed up about a half hour later.... the 8 of us sat on the front patio overlooking the ocean.... had drinks... tapas... more drinks... more tapas.... supper.... the owner brought me my bill.... 120.00 Argentinian pesos.... 40.00 dollars US (60 CDN at the time) 8 people lots of drinks and plenty of excellent food.... guess where we had supper every night.

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