Saturday, August 29, 2009

100th Birthday Pics


Here are some photos I took at Elizabeth Macpherson Reeves' 100th Birthday Party on Aug. 16, 2009 at the St. Lambert Golf Club where she ran the restaurant for many years. She is probably the only surviving person who lived in Greenfield Park in its first 5 years of existence. She is related to some of the Park's most illustrious families including the Macphersons (her grandfather was one of the town's first aldermen), (and her cousins were all excellent golfers), the Reeves (her mother-in-law set up the first Protestant school in her own home on King Edward, and her husband probably would have played in the NHL if he hadn't lost an eye in a hockey game), and the Barfoots (her godson Bill was one of the early boatmen on Greenfield Ave.) I don't know that much about her family so she might also be related to the Snyders who attended the big celebration. She is a wonderful lady who is completely with it, and is able to discuss anything with you from world politics of today to times before the Great Depression. I would love to possess some of her genes.

John R

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