Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Dukes of Nutley New Jersey

What a wonderful 6 days of sillyness this past weekend/week was in Nutley NJ (appropriately named). We passed our time at the house of Hummel's, Pat's cousin Ken is a compulsive collector. There are in excess of 5000 of the figurines in a miriad of cases throughtout the house.

In the first photo we see the back of the house, to the right is the garage which in itself would be a good sized house. The pool area is elevated and is party central. There is a raised patio deck off the kitchen and sun room.

We have a running CanUSA rivalry going and we see Ken receiving his Canada chair. The next photo is of Ken and I on the lower lawn area relaxing.

Next we see Ken and his brother Bruce BBQing. The Obama card is the result of a bet between Bruce and Ken as to who would lead the Democrats into the election.... Bruce lost 200 dollars and this is the payoff.

And then its "POOL TIME"

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