Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Morning Marston

Report 42 1547 kms

No one, especially those arriving by the little steam ferry, could have seen what would some day grace the shores of the North Saskatchewan River. This is a beautiful small city, with a population of just over 34,000. Its clean and sparkly in the summer sun. I won't spoil things by trying to describe winter because those that live in the northern part of every province would disagree with what I say. They find all kinds of activities and things to love about every season, whereas I have a natural instinct to hate everything about cold weather, period..

The city was named after Prince Albert of Sax-Coburg, Prince consort ( Husband) to Queen Victoria. I'm sure you remember "ol Albert", he would be right proud of what they have done up here. It's the 3 rd largest city in all Saskatchewan and is the literal gate Way to the North. It was call Kistahpinanihk by the Cree which meant

" Beautiful meeting place". I sure like that a lot more than the name it ended up with but every one was feeling gushy at the time because Prince Albert had died just 5 years prior. Bet they wouldn't do it today.

A few of the locals back in 1884, were involved in Bringing Louis Riel back to Canada and there were 500 here already to hear and cheer when he arrived to speak.

After the Battle of duck Lake they took refuge here because they feared an attack by Gabriel Dumnont but it never came. But they did band together to incorporate as a town. The first recorded stage coach robbery in Saskatchewan was recorded just outside of town in 1866, so you could say they were trend setters especially when you consider they were represented in parliament by 3 major trend setters, William Lyon McKenzie King, Willfrid Laurier and John Diefenbaker.

Prince Albert was in the competition to get either the University of Saskatchewan or the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary. They ended up with the penitentiary in 1911 which meant they still got the funding and employees that come with the appointment of these institutions and that makes a substantial difference and contribution to the growth and stability of any city, especially in the north.

I was going to head south on highway 2 as I want to see Watrous summer resort. and Manitou Beach. Jean Gardner formerly of the Park who was following the bike ride tells me I should take it in. Floating belly-up on a salty Lake sounds real inviting at the moment

Catch you later

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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