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Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

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Report # 45

Highway # 2 going south

The first two towns you go through after leaving Prince Albert, are St. Louis and Domremy.

St Louis is still haunted by its past, having come into existence during the Louis Riel Rebellion, 1885. But it's history pales in comparison to what is haunting them today. I am talking about a very specific event that happens almost every night according to the locals.

If you want the complete story, Google "The St Louis Ghost Train" or and see for your self. Saskatchewan has a lot of strange stories but this one is downright weird. A bright light with a smaller red light below it can be seen most nights coming along the route where the old tracks were. Lots of people including the Mayor, Emile Lussier, are skeptics but none the less report they have seen the light as well.

When the tracks were ripped up some time ago, every one thought the phenomenon would go away but it hasn't.

Two young Saskatchewan girls decided to take it on as a science project but ended up being added to the list of puzzled witnesses.

Another skeptical couple Serge Gareau and his wife Gail, took two friends and decided to camp out by the tracks just for amusement.

They got more than they bargained for. After a short wait, the light of what looked like a train appeared and headed straight for them.

After watching for a powerful white beam for about two straight hours, they realized that though it appeared to be coming towards them, it never actually got close. They decided to drive the car towards it on the road that paralleled the track bed.

According to their story, they "drove and drove towards it then suddenly the light was gone". When they turned about, it was behind them.

That was enough for them. They headed home and joined the ever growing list of witnesses.

There have been a lot of " Para-normal investigators" who have joined the ranks over the years as well. No logical explanation has yet been established.

In comparison, Domremy is refreshing. It has about 124 people and they all sound quite normal.

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