Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hat to the Park Virtual Trip

Morning Marston report 47

1830 Kms

Town of Meacham

Maps are so misleading. For instance, the map shows Meacham as a medium size town yet when you get here, it's a small villiage with about 90 brave souls still living here. I soppose they do all map upgrading by satellite imaging now, so how are they to know?

Don't know how long these buildings will hold together, but I'll bet if a visitor comes by here in 25 years, most of the places will be gone, at least most of the residents will be.

The one hope they have is the artistic activity in the form of the "Dancing Sky Theatre" , a collection of local authors who mandate is to " empower children and youth"

I hope they can find them because not too many people park on mainstreet any more..

Well, were on to Colonsay and Young just down the road



Thanks Doug

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