Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hat to the Park A Virtual Trip


report # 48 Young Saskatchewan

I know you guys get lots of hail storms and hurricanes and we get our share here too. The difference is we can see them coming hours before they hit because of the flat country.. They start off with cumulous clouds that look like white atombomb explosions. Then the wind where you are starts to blow towards them as the rising air sucks up everything for miles around. Then everything goes ugly black and you start watching for a funnel. When you see one, get to shelter as fast as possible or else.... I know these are little hail stones but enough to hurt when they bounce off your skull.

Woopinhg cranes haven't started to migrate yet so perhaps we still have some summerleft.

Young and Colonsay just little towns, I didn't get to stop in as I spent the better part of the morning under an over pass.

Catch you later


Thanks Doug

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