Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hat to the Park A Virtual Trip

It's a Saturday evening, the sun is just setting and it's cool enough to keep the mosquitoes away. What a gorgeous sun set

The type you wish you could keep in your head all winter during those long dark nights.

You can access the lake from just about anywhere but the beach is the place to be. Up here the days are getting shorter and you can feel summer slipping. The water had mist on it this morning until about 8.00 then the sun burnt it off, makes you hate to leave the place

Down town is a centennial monument depicting the old railway hand pumper cart. Guess I should be thankful I don't have to travel on one of those.

Reminds me of the last silent movie Buster Keaton did. He steals one of these and drives it across Canada to visit his friend. One of funniest movies I've ever seen. It is a classical and was featured on C.B.C. a few times.

I know, you don't get C.B.C, down there, I guess you have to sacrifice when you live in the States

Right then, I'm out of here first thing Monday morning after the labour day weekend, the last summer holiday of the summer.

There should still be about 2 1/2 months of decent cycling left in the season.

Catch you later

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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