Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lost Marbles


My next door neighbour, Stephane Dore, who lives on Walker Ave. in the old Snyder house, a photo of which you posted about a month or so ago, has decided to dig up the old concrete walkway probably built by the Snyders about 1930 or so, and will construct a walkway of stone blocks called pave uni in Quebec.

After breaking up the concrete pathway with a jackhammer he removed the old stone and dug down about 9 inches. While digging he found a 1919 quarter and three or four marbles. He's keeping the quarter, but if any of the Snyders have lost their marbles, he is willing to give one or two back.

Does anyone know how to locate any of that Park family. I figure Bob Hawkins might know?

John R.

Thanks John

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