Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Family Pet

Hi Marston,

This is a dog that was dumped at our place a couple of months ago. Would anyone want to give a guesstimate as to what mix she is. We know nothing. She seems to have the head of a St. Bernard or similar, but long hind legs and dig those stripes on her back! Looks part Hyena. Also has an extra layer of different fluffy crimped fur on her ears. Very gentle though but still afraid of new people. It took her two weeks before she would allow us to pet her. She now sticks to us and never leaves the place. I'm sure she can't be 1 year old yet. Wants to play constantly and chews everything she can find. We named her Chewbaka after the wookie in Star Wars; Chewy for short.

Thanks, Margaret

Thanks Mararet W.

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