Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orchids Answers

Hi Marty,

My wife Faith was very pleased to see the interest in orchids on the blog. Here is her response to Margaret's question. Also I am sending a photo of Faith (in our front garden) and a few photos of our phalaenopsis orchids for Millie and Margaret to enjoy.


Bob G

Hi Margaret W

Re your phalaenopsis and its propagation. Yes, you can treat the runners like strawberries. Just leave everything attached and pot the roots in spag moss and mist regularly. Within a few months, the roots should grow enough to be separated from their main plant.

By the way, when you don't cut off an orchid stem, you put more strain on the plant and it may be weaker at the next flowering. It's better to cut off the stem at the base and let the plant rest for a season. It just depends whether you want several small plants or one very strong one!!

I wish you the best with your plant. Here we call phallys or moth orchids -- window sill plants because they don't mind being inside and don't need a shade house; as long as they are kept warm in the winter months and receive enough light -- near a window or through a curtain is best.

Cheers for now,

Faith Godefroy

Thanks Faith and Bob

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