Monday, August 24, 2009

Reunion Information


September 11/12/13, 2009

If you have not already registered for the Reunion being held in Ottawa and are interested in attending any of the events, please contact John Penney (e-mail address in the list at the left) for details and a copy of the registration form. Your registration form & payment must be received no later than Friday, 4 September, 2009.

Following is a current list of attendees:

John & Dorothy (Bugera) Penney

Garry & Karen Comber

Janet (Allen)Watson

Sue Young

Sandy (Snow) & Brian Robinson

Bruce & Penny Harfield

Don & Phyllis Flesch

Betty (Heath) Wright

David & Sharron Rye

Barb(Williams) & George Hamilton

Marston North

Lorna (Forder) Paquin

Normand Simard

Diane (Forder) Stack

Margo (Tomalty) & Jim Valliant

Heather (Hubbard) Cooper

Brenda (Fielding) & Fred Knight

Lorna (Garrett) Watkins

Beverly(Garrett) Jeary

Carolyn (Cobb) Dalgard

Pat (Woodall) & Terry Caverly

Denise (Houle) Evola

Dave Houle

Penny (Tomalty) & Doug Love

Heather (Blain) Gibb & husband Al

Don & Mirella Ridewood

John & Chris Flesch

Keith & Judy Penney

Enid Small (Malley)

Harry Cobb

Ken Cobb

Lynn (Highfield) & Brian Weir (M&G Only)

GaleAnne (Taylor) & Bruno Schwarz

Alvoy Blain

Barbara (Bannister) & Lynn McLeod

Nevern & Charlie Comber

Barry Hollingdrake

Red & Betty Drummond

Ken Jeary

Stan Sheppard

Keith & Judy (Kirk) Eva

Linda (Alexander) Laroche

Elayne Sandahl

Linda (Murray) & David Fraser

Bonnie(Burcombe) & Denis Frappier

Lawrence & Gwen Comber

Steven Kemper

Richard & Margaret (Jackson) Werenchuk

Diane (Gregory) & John McConachie

Alfie & Marj Davis

Dave & Cheryl (Reynard) Walsh

Bob Allain & Joan Thomas

John Bugera

Donna (Cooke) & Peter Bell

Bill Hinks

Doug Menary

Tiemen Korvemaker

Ron Moores

Allan Fry plus guest

John & Sheila Geraghty

Doug Gregory

Noreen (Barfoot) Toner

Rose Blais (Picnic Only)

Margaret (Forbes) & Rick Thomas

Thanks John P.

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