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201 Murray Ave. in GPK

201 Murray Ave,

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Dave Wright


To: North Marston

This house belonged to David Barley. He bought it in 1950 for $4000 If I check back in my mother's papers I could maybe find out who owned it before. I believe my mother sold it around 1969 I know the price was $8000 I still have pictures when we moved in there. You can see part of the original house before my grandfather put the siding on it.

There was 3 rooms downstairs and 2 rooms upstairs + at the back of the house there was another room that was a summer kitchen this one had no instillation There was a large Oak Tree at the front of the property when we moved in my grandfather planted the fern tree. There was a small shed at the back that was taken down by the person we sold it to and he put up a very large garage in place of it. That house has to be around 100 years old.

There was no basement just a crawl space under the house. had a large oil furnace that my grandfather put in to replace the coal stove that was in the kitchen. They had to dig a whole under put in a cement base to put the furnace on. There was a large vent in the floor of the hallway and that had to heat the house.

I remember having to go up in the attack and put more installation down between the walls. I will see if I can locate the papers when my grandfather bought the house and let you know who the original owners were. When my grandfather bought it the real estate agent was Baxter they were located across from Taylor's store. I don't remember the name of the street but ran off Victoria it curved around and at the other end of that street was the old Waterman Pen factory.

Also when we moved into that house the address was 23 Murray Avenue I believe they re-numbered all the houses on the street some time in the 1960's or 70' The house next to it when we moved in towards Churchill belonged to a family by the name of Parker it was later bought from them by George Vine and he may still live there.

The Beck family owned land between the two houses that was their garden they lived on Devonshire when they sold the property on Devonshire they built their new house on Murray between our house and Parker's house.

On Devonshire was a Shell Station put up that Charley Banning ran. That is around the time Princess Street came into existence Caverley was moved onto Princess I believe it wad the first at the end of Princess at Murray was the second house it belonged to a family of the name of Last they were from England. Then Charley Phillips father had a house moved from Miller to Princess and a Police Officer by the name of Gerry Dupre who worked on the Greenfield Park Police force rented it from Phillips

He was on the force when Baker was chief I believe they were hired around the same time fro Lafleche that back at that time we use to call Muckeyville because the only street that was paved was Grand Alley their main street so when it rained the roads turned to mud. On a rainy day when you got on the Chambly County bus you could tell who lived in the Park and who lived there. That is just a little History of the park back then.

Thanks David

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