Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great loss for Cardinal Robert

Cardinal Robert and Church Mouse Herbert "Herbie" Hawkins
Seen here on Cardinal Roberts hand

Memorial headstone

Hawkins, Herbert (aka Herbie) - It is with great regret that the family of Cardinal Robert announce the passing of their mouse Herbert. Herbert was a long time resident of the kitchen cupboards. Herbie will be missed by friends Buddha Bob, Rabbi Robert and of course his favorite adversary Cardinal Robert.

"Evening will not be the same with Herbie gone", said Cardinal Robert, "I'll miss our daily ritual of catch me if you can that the little rodent loved so much."

Herbie succumbed to heart failure after a short illness brought on by the effects of munching on a Warfarin Bar.

It was Herbert's final wish to be buried at sea. Cardinal Robert shall honor his wishes on the morning of October 2nd. A private ceremony shall be held in the lavatory aboard Air Transat somewhere over the Mediterranean.

Bonne Voyage Herbie

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