Friday, September 04, 2009

The Great Road Trip

Marty..............A few months back at one of our London "Parkers" get-togethers Bob Allain and I were discussing the fact that he and Joan were heading out to British Columbia in July and Ann and I would be in Newfoundland at that time.

Well realizing that we would be at the far East/West extremes of this great country at the same time we came up with the idea that we should connect with each other at a predetermined date and time - We decided that Bob/Joan would have their photo taken with the Pacific Ocean as their background and Ann & I would be at the most easterly point in North America (Cape Spear - just southeast of St. John's).

The photos were taken simultaneously on July 26th - it was 4:00 PM in Newfoundland and 11:30 AM in British Columbia while talking to each other on our cell phones - We got a kick out of the fact that there was 5,000KM/3,100Mi (as the crow flies) between us at the time and we were still in the same country .................. Great country Canada!!!

Later - Bob/Joan, Win/Ann

G'morning Marty.................Attached is a pic. of Bob & Joan Allain standing in the Pacific Ocean in West Vancouver - I will send another Pic. of Ann & me at Cape Spear, Newfoundland with a explanation as to how the two pics. are married together..............

I hope you can download both pics. to the blog - I hope the "Parkers" will get a kick out of it!!


Hi Win

Here's the photo of us standing in the water at Vancouver's Spanish Bank beach with West Vancouver in the background. That's as far West as we could go, the next beach being Wreck Beach which is a nudist colony not fit for a family blog.

Let me know if you have problems with the photo.


Thanks Guys

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