Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip

Hi Guys

report # 57

2017 Kms

There was only one building standing in Cymric and another in the fields. If you have to do anything more than water and catch up on road news, forget it. The tide may have come in once, definitely gone out now...Bulyea is the same story, except it has elevator # 1 for its history.. The very first elevator ever erected by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool was right here in 1925. Just made it to its 75 th birthday in 2000 and then it closed. Right Honourable George H L Bulyea was the territories first Leutenant Governor which then included Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon. Now it has only 51 houses and 104 sturdy souls.

Up on a pole is a great metal statue of Walter, The whooping crane. This is their flight path but I haven't seen any.

Speaking of whooping, looks like y'all been whooping it up in Ottawa. Thanks for posting all the pictures, recognized a few people including 2 of my three sisters. The third is still in the Park, never left for the west like the rest of us.

Ken Jeary and Red Drummond actually had their picture taken standing in front of our old house on Empire Ave. Recognized them but couldn't recognize the house any longer

We are getting a break in the weather today with temperatures reaching 19, but its supposed to get up to 30 for the rest of the week. Getting much better mileage on a liter of water when its cooler..

Catch you later

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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