Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hat to the Park A Virtual Trip

Morn'n Marston

Report 52 1881 kms

I saw a pelican this morning, . It was solo and flying east, probably the last for the season as the rest packed it in about 2 weeks ago and headed south. they generally stay in large flocks fishing together like fisher men with nets. They drive the fish into schools by circling them and then shrinking the circle until they are trapped. With a fury that is unexpected for their size, they dive and swallow until their basket shaped beaks have scooped up all they can hold. For some reason, black cormorants share space with the white pelicans like salt and pepper shakers. Maybe they don't have the smarts to corral the fish and take advantage of the pelicans special techniques to survive.

Most of the other birds will be going south shortly too, especially the small ones. Lots of folks spend time banding them so they can track their migration patterns. Hard to believe they go all the way to South America.

The black one is a cowbird and behaves like the mafia. It lays its eggs in other nests for the host to hatch and feed. If the host bird gets fed up feeding these bigger, greedy birds and throws the egg or the fledgling out,, then the cow bird sweeps in and breaks the host's eggs in retaliation. Every body seems to get the message and puts up with the inconvenience.

The other birds are the common yellow throat and the yellow warbler, looking like a canary. The swallows are the same ones that they sing about in Calafornia that every one waits to arrive in Capastrano. They got more snse than to hang around around Calafornia, the land becoming known as the " Shake and Bake State" Thats all I was able to see but there are thousands of others, which is good or we would never survive the resulting mosquitoes.

Canada geese are starting to group into loosely formed "V's". They and the ducks will be here until the very last moment in late October or early November.

Catch you later

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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