Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hat to the Park A Virtual Trip


What is this, the wrath of Khan? A wild Viking is standing in the doorway..Yea, she's only about 5 years old but she is giving me " THE LOOK " ! I know " THE LOOK, I get it from my wife when ever I really mess - up.

I'm out of here, how was I to know the teepee was a play house?

O.K focus on the scenery. Has any one ever seen a field of ripe flax before? From a distance it looks like a lake. The blue is so bright, it looks florescent.

On the right folks are Buffalo or the great plains bison. And on the left is a ... a.. hmm what is that? I think some of the beef cattle have been sneaking over the fence at night because that’s either a beef-alo or a buff-attle. Whoa, bet they didn't make too many of that model. I wouldn't want the job of catching it let alone trying to brand it..

Storm coming in, I'm heading south to Regina. Would be a mistake to cover Saskatchewan and not include the capital.

Did you read the news last week.? They actually made 2 new cities in Saskatchewan. ( Meadow Lake and Martensville) Made history too. Once a town hits a base of 5000 residents it can apply for City status. The last time two towns became cities in this province was in 1913. ( North Battleford and Weyburn), its taken almost 100 years to do it again.

After squeaking up to 1,032,000 population in 1987 the province's count dropped to below 992,000 in 2006. Now, as of June, its back up to 1,027,092. I think greater Montreal is more than that. Saskatchewan has always been the place where every body either came from or went through. But now they are coming here from other provinces. Also over the past 40 years people have been trickling into the cities from the rural areas. That explains all those ghost towns I've been going through. Two -thirds of the population now live in the cities mostly Saskatoon and Regina.

You don't hear much about it, but Saskatchewan has been enjoying an oil boom as well as Alberta. Also they have vast reserves of potash needed for fertilizer. SO they are still humming along while Alberta and the other provinces have been struggling. Well good on ya mate, they sure waited long enough!!

Catch you later

Doug G

Man, How can a kid learn to look so threatening so young?

Thanks Doug

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