Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hat to the Park A Virtual Trip

Report # 55 The many moods of Last Mountain Lake


If you look at the map of Saskatchewan, you will see Last Mountain Lake just north east of Regina.. It's about 95 kms or longer than the length of Lake Memphremagog for those of you who know that lake down near Sherbrooke. Well, I'm going south on hwy 20 parallel to it and I thought you might want to know a little about it.

The Natives have a legend that when God created the world he had a little material left over that he wanted to get rid of. He noticed how flat and plain ( pardon the pun) the prairies looked around the area of Regina ( its wasn't called Regina then and don't ask me what it was called but it was obviously as flat as it is today ) So he put all the soil he had left over down and formed a mountain. Then poured all the extra water from all the rivers and lakes he had been making along side it.

Naturally, the trees, grass and bushes all grew and the birds and buffalo came to rest in their shade. It was a beautiful place and all it needed was a name

So all the chiefs were summoned for suggestions. They arrived and their shouts were like the thunder booming among the hills

From their ranks stepped Cheewana, one of the chief's daughters who was ( gotta love this description) beautiful as a summer morning and as wise as a beaver.

" Because this is the last mountain you created and the last lake you filled, we should call it " Last Mountain and Last Mountain Lake " she recommended. And so it was.

That story came from a pamphlet printed by WILLIAM PEARSON PUBLISHING COMPANY LTD OF WINNIPEG, 1911

Boy, I bet they didn't sell many of those. The story has no plot and the finale is obvious and flat. Real native stories are always filled with lots of drama , warriors fighting over steamy, dreamy maidens with most of them getting killed off or banished. Never heard any talk of bragging about having beaver smarts. Most beavers ended up being worn as hats by the wealthy white men, how wise was that.. Even the chief's daughter would have figured that out. . I'll bet think this is another one of William Wadsworth Longfellows' made up stories. You never can trust those pale faces with poetic license.

Regardless of it all, it is a beautiful place. When the Europeans first came they built steam boats to haul settlers and supplies up to the new lands, and grain down to the main line in Regina All these little towns sprung up and were vibrant communities until the C.P.R.railway came in 1920. They could move things faster and further and there was no need to stop every 20 miles. So the the steamboats went the same way as the buffalo.

Its amazing that any of these towns are still going strong today albeit with a lot less population that before. I report on that next time as I go through them. IN the mean time I saw a real good house, rancher with 3 bedrooms only $ 64,000. If you like music festivals and rodeos may be it's the chance of your life time? Wadoo-u think?

Catch you later

Doug G

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