Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The making of a Protestant Catholic Priest

Father Bob at work

Father Bob and wife Pat relaxing at home

Rabbi Robert ( Father Bob's brother) and wife Trishia( twin sister of Pat) relaxing at a BBQ

Dear Normand,

I understand your confusion and therefore I am writing to explain how some Catholic Priests are allowed to marry and raise a family while others maintain a life of celibacy.

First - and foremost it is important that the candidate be a Protestant before being ordained.

Second - he should be married, preferably to an identical twin.

Third - he must already have children and he must have decided to live the his remaining years in celibacy.

Forth - the ordaining of a Protestant priest must be performed by a Rabbi during a briss.

Well Normand I hope this explanation clarifies my status as a Priest and the reasons why I love smoked meat, bagels and pork chops for supper on Friday.

Your Friend Always,

Father Bob

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